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What we do...

Evidence Base™

Systematic Proactive Deal Making

Whether you're a Buyer or Seller, the way business development gets done hasn't changed much over the last 50 years. The traditional model is all too often expensive, reactive and heavily reliant on personal networks.

Business Development This can result in significant wastage in terms of your time, resources and ultimately value. What's needed is a faster, more comprehensive, more systematic, proactive approach that meets your individual needs and gets you talking to the right people.

Which is why we created Evidence Base.

Evidence Base is a systematic step-by-step process that combines industry expertise & network with a market data, fact based approach Business Development to design your optimum BD strategy.

It can rapidly screen and identify all potential brand and companies specific to your geographic and category areas of interest and deal types.

Our service can be tailored to both Buy Side clients, looking to generate their own Deal Flow, and Sell Side clients, looking to shop window and connect to the broadest possible Buyer network.

Next up:  How we do it...

The Digital Future of Deal Making

Digital communication & networking, both in B2B and B2C markets, is the future. So to further complement and underpin our core Evidence Base advisory services, we are also launching a new online BD networking Deal Flow and Deal Brokerage service, dedicated to global OTC market making.

This provides a real-time, worldwide window for both Buyers and Sellers to identify, match and connect any type of potential BD opportunity in a fully structured environment.

For more information on this service please visit Deal Flow at www.deal-flow.com