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How we do it...

Evidence Base Key Modules:
Evidence Base is a suite of interrelated BD optimization tools that can be tailored to your specific investment agenda.

  • Market Analysis: Review of market landscape by country, category, company and brand. Sales and share trend analysis. Identification and prioritization of growth opportunities.

  • Portfolio Analysis and Development Priority: Company Brand Portfolio analysis by category and country to a) identify current portfolio development priorities and b) identify, quantify and prioritize incremental geographic and category development opportunities.

  • Target Company / Brand: Screens, identifies and prioritizes target companies and brands vs. defined commercial priorities.

  • Portfolio Impact and Synergy: Assesses target companies, the portfolio and the impact of acquisition on the combined businesses.

  • Pipeline Screen and Match: Identification of potential in or out licensing targets by country and category.

  • Antitrust: Identification of any antitrust issues with potential targets.

  • Current/ Future Value: Financial forecast of portfolio development potential for base, geographic and category expansion.

The Process

Evidence Base: The Process

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